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About Freedom IOP List

As I am sure you can see, Freedom IOP List is definitely not your typical "forum" IOP List. We offer so much more than just a forum and our site is not based off of a forum script. Instead, we use a very powerful CMS called PHP-Fusion which allows you to build a customized community based website. Unlike other IOP Lists, you do not necessarily have to reach a ton of posts before you have access to Verified and better Vendors and IOP's, although that is also an option. Here you can gain immediate access to those areas by purchasing a Premium Membership at a low flat rate per month. You can purchase a membership for as low as $1.99 per month and gain access to some of our best features that free members don't have access to. We even offer a free 3 day trial to the premium membership of your choice.

We also offer paid and free advertising for Vendors. While we strongly recommend the paid advertising, we have not yet set up any fee schedule for advertising but will be doing that very soon. You will be able to advertise on our site starting at as little as $1 per month. While we currently do not attract a huge amount of visitors, we soon will and you could get tons of hits and potential customers directed to your site from ours. If you have cPanel or any type of control panel or statistics software to see where your visitors are coming from, you can easily see whether the advertising is working for you or not. If it is not working out for you, simply do not renew. Each vendor gets their very own forum thread as soon as they join and a staff member is made aware they are a vendor totally free of charge. Those threads will allow you to communicate with your customers, advertise your site/email and products and much more. Becoming Verified is free of charge also and can be done either by waiting until a staff member secretly orders from you or by sending the products of a staff members choice to them to try. The staff member will request no more than 2-3 products and no more than 5 tablets of each (typically 3 is plenty), however, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of the products and shipping since you are requesting the Verified status here. We request the number of products for consistency. While a vendor may provide one legit product, it does not mean their products are all legit. We also request no less than 3 tablets because usually it takes at least that many to ensure they are working depending on the medication. You can ship the products at the cheapest method available. When you become Verified, it will send more customers your way. Customers want to know the person they are dealing with is totally legit and are more likely to order from you than a Vendor that is NOT verified!

We aren't all about making money off of people. We simply wanted to inform both members and vendors of the paid programs/features we offer here. We are here as a service to you. We want you to be able to find that vendor you've been looking for and want you to actively participate on the site, whether it is posting in the forums or sharing photos or something else. We encourage each and every member to check out everything the site has to offer you. We are also here to provide you with a tremendous amount of communication tools. That's why we have forums, articles, news, downloads, photo galleries, a shoutbox and so very much more. We also want you to get to know the other site members, which is why we allow such detailed profiles and allow you to post personal pictures and more. We also PROTECT our members in every way we possibly can. Some of the ways we protect you are:
  • Only Members can see most areas of the site & member profiles
  • Random submissions of medications to for testing at no charge to members
  • Random verification of vendors by ordering products without them knowing it's a staff member
  • Optional vendor verification by sending up to 5 tablets of up to 3 medications to a staff member for testing
  • Memberships must be approved by Admins to weed out bots and potential information seekers
  • Staff watches for anything suspicious that might suggest someone should not be here
  • We do NOT allow minors here, ever for any reason
  • We BLACKLIST Vendors that fail to deliver or send FAKE medications after THREE COMPLAINTS
  • Vendors BLACKLISTED can be removed from the Blacklist if they become verified at their expense AND after 10 successful transactions

Freedom IOP List was an idea for a very long time and finally I decided to start developing it. I realized how HARSH and how RUDE members and Admins of other IOP list sites can be and I do NOT like that. I feel everyone should be treated fairly and equally. We don't participate in singling out any member because let's say their font is too small or because they use a new font color in each post or because they accidentally share an IOP or Vendor that's Blacklisted. We also do NOT participate in banning or being rude/hateful because you post a positive comment about a BLACKLISTED Vendor. If you receive a legit order from a Vendor that's Blacklisted, we want to know because sometimes things happen and Vendors can be taken off the Blacklist if they meet our requirements.

We listen to our members. We enjoy receiving feedback and ideas/suggestions and feature requests from our members. We take all comments and requests we receive very seriously and each and every one is considered. If we feel an idea or feature may be right for the site, generally we will allow our members and vendors to vote on it unless it something all staff can agree that we definitely need, then we do work toward integrating the idea or feature. Don't be afraid to suggest anything here and don't be afraid to use your own font colors, sizes and styles when posting on the site anywhere. We are not going to call you out in public if the color is too dark to see or the size is too small. If there's an issue, we will bring it to your attention privately, not out in public for the world to see because that is embarassing and makes you NOT want to be active.

If you can't already tell, we want to be more than just a place to find vendors and customers if you're a vendor. We strive to be the ONE AND ONLY IOP LIST that aims to keep you safe and secure. If you receive a questionable medication from a vendor listed here or anywhere for that matter, let us know IMMEDIATELY. If we have the funds, we will send the tablet or substance off for testing to see exactly what it is. If you even suspect that the products you are receiving contain less of the main ingredient and other inactive ingredients that the vendor isn't tell you about, let us know, we will have it tested providing funds are available. If you have found a vendor and aren't sure whether they are legit or not, let us know and we will check them out for you by placing an order discreetly. If you suspect someone on this site is under the age of 18, is here to gather information about members or anything else, please do not hesitate to notify staff IMMEDIATELY. We will promptly check into it and if you're correct, they will be banned along with their IP. We don't need informants and information collectors here. This site is NOT HOSTED IN THE UNITED STATES, so they have no reason to be here whatsoever.

With that being said, we hope you will enjoy this site and all it has to offer. We are constantly trying to find members to join our wonderful team of staff members. Experience with PHP-Fusion or any forum software is a plus but is not required, we can train you. While becoming a staff member is a volunteer position, staff members can win things like gift cards to different sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy or so much money to spend with their favorite IOP. Drawings will be held at least once monthly and at least one staff member is guaranteed to win once per month. All Staff also get access to ALL PREMIUM SITE FEATURES INCLUDING VERIFIED VENDORS.
We are also always seeking graphic designers, web designers, web programmers and app developers and others with experience creating, running, advertising and hosting websites. We need several people to join our team. We do pay our web professionals that do work on our website and that pay is usually by the job and sometimes by the hour depending on the job at hand. We also accept volunteers in these fields as well and like our staff team, volunteers can win gift cards and etc. These employees also get access to all Premium site features.
If you're interested in becoming a staff member or helping design and develop the site, please send a PM to Freedom or email for now. I am working to add a Staff Application system so you can simply fill out a form on the site to join our teams.

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I added a new IOP to the Share Your Fave IOP Thread in Forums & am adding some new features.

· 21-04-2018 04:38
You can now exchange your points for cash or items, please click Exchange Points under User CP in the Navigation Menu for information.

· 21-04-2018 04:27
Hi tommy! Cool

· 21-04-2018 02:37
hi all Shock

· 18-04-2018 21:58
Some awesome changes are coming to the site very soon!