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Started: 14.03.18

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Articles Home » PHP-Fusion » Let's All HELP PHP-Fusion Out
Let's All HELP PHP-Fusion Out

Personally, I LOVE PHP-Fusion and I have since I first started using it and must say, I loved it even more when I created my first theme, my first userfield and my first panel! The rush of excitement you get when you release something for others to use is not comparable to anything else. I recall working on the very first theme I released, which was Adult Oriented, for weeks and weeks to get it "just right" before using and finally releasing it. Of course, I released the theme under a totally different name which was "InsatiableKisses". 

Back then, finding what you needed for Fusion was quite easy and if you couldn't find it, there was always someone ready to step up and create what you needed. Now, finding things you need for PHP-Fusion is scarce and finding someone to create it is even more scarce. It has pretty much been like this since the announcement of a "new and improved" version of PHP-Fusion some time ago that still hasn't been released as stable to the general public as a download on the main PHP-Fusion site. Personally, I feel the LACK of new additions for OUR CURRENT VERSION OF PHP-FUSION is causing users to turn around and run and find a new CMS that can offer exactly what they want. I've noticed a MAJOR DECLINE in the amount of Add-Ons released to the PHP-Fusion main site. I can stay away for months, return and maybe one Add-On has been released and for diehard fans of PHP-Fusion like me, this is disheartening because PHP-Fusion was certainly heading in the right direction by providing tons and tons of features to it's users. Just because an announcement of a new version comes along doesn't mean we should immediately discontinue working on the currently used versions and shut those users out! PHP-Fusion is losing popularity and users by the SECOND.

I feel those of us with the ability to create add-ons like Infusions, Panels, Mods, Themes and etc. should continue creating for the current version of Fusion which at this time is 7.02. If just a handful of us would release something NEW, regardless of what it is, for the current version of PHP-Fusion only once every 2 weeks, we could certainly start attracting new users again and potentially steal some of our members back that have left us for new CMS systems. Even a release from 20 people once every 1-3 weeks would be a DRASTIC IMPROVEMENT over the releases we are seeing now which is 1 or 2 every 5, 6, 7 or 8 months. If PHP-Fusion loses the biggest majority of their users before PHP-Fusion 9 is released, then who will use version 9? A whole new crowd? Doubtful if there are no add-ons for it available as soon as it's released. Many people like me will NOT UPGRADE to 9 as soon as it is released, instead, many will WAIT and LIKELY test it on a separate server before upgrading IF there is a way to upgrade from 7.2 to 9, that's a huge jump all of a sudden.

What I'd LOVE TO SEE EVERYONE with skills in creating ANY TYPE OF ADD-ON for PHP-Fusion do is create at least one add-on for the current version, no matter how big or small and release it on the main site and/or one of the MANY PHP-Fusion Add-On Sites available out there and other places where you can release such things like forums and etc. Even updating an exisiting add-on would be beneficial. If we do not attract new users and manage to keep our exisiting users of the CMS, it will eventually just fade away and become a thing of the past and that is quite a shame because I feel PHP-Fusion is for sure THE BEST CMS OUT THERE. Let's not sit and wait for the Official Release of PHP-Fusion 9 to make a move, let's make a move NOW and we can ALWAYS update our releases to work with PHP-Fusion 9 in the future.

Out of ideas for things to develop for PHP-Fusion 7? Head over to Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or one of the other big CMS'es and grab some ideas from there. I can name about 30 different features PHP-Fusion needs right off the top of my head and if enough interest is sparked with this article, I will sit down and compose a list of 100 different features other CMS'es have that PHP-Fusion does not have to give you ideas to work from. Another thing we desperately need for PHP-Fusion is NEW THEMES, especially Themes for the Holidays, not all Holidays even have a corresponding theme!

If this article sparked your interest, hit a nerve, encouraged inspiration, made you upset or excited any emotion within you, please comment with your feels and input of the matter. I'd love to hear from everyone!

#1 | Freedom on April 16 2018 13:37:05
PLEASE take the time to read this Article & Comment. I would be honored to hear others opinions on the matter.
#2 | douwe_yntema on April 23 2018 07:33:09
You hit the button on the right place
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