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Should we add Vendor Pages for IOP's and Vendors which would give details about them and show their inventory?

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Started: 17.10.17

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Should we add Vendor Pages for IOP's and Vendors which would give details about them and show their inventory?



Freedom IOP List Freebies

Here you can find a list of FREE offers currently available at Freedom IOP List. This list includes Free Premium Memberships, other digital freebies, physical freebies and so much more with very minimal effort on your part. Below you can find the freebies and information about how to get/claim each one. You never know what freebies may pop-up at any time, so bookmark and add this page to your site Favorite Pages List so you can check it out frequently. Also, stay tuned to the forums for information on new free stuff.

In order to take advantage of most of these free offers, you will need to be a registered member of this website. Occassionally, we will post freebies that Guests can participate in as well but that will not happen very often. If you don't register, you don't get access to the excellent features awaiting you inside this site anyway! There's nothing holding you back, registration is free and is quick and easy.

Free Premium Memberships
Want to earn a free Premium Membership? All you need to do is refer your friends and acquantainces to the website. Once they register, have them to send a PM to Freedom with your site username or email address you used to register on the site as the referring member do you can receive credit. Here's what it takes for each membership level. If you refer a member and they do register and you do not see a credit for their referral on the Member Referral Tallies page within 3-5 days, please send me a PM with the username OR email address the member registered with and I will personally contact them to see what is happening. You may contact them yourself and be certain you've provided them with your site username or registered email address! If I cannot contact them, please be sure you have a screenshot of the conversation or email that states the member registered and their username or email address and I will credit you. Without this type of proof and no response from the member, you cannot be credited, sorry.
  • Refer THREE Members to Receive a Bronze Premium Membership valid for three months.
  • Refer FIVE Members to Receive a Silver Premium Membership valid for three months.
  • Refer EIGHT Members to Receive a Gold Premium Membership valid for three months.
  • Refer ELEVEN Members to Receive a Diamond Premium Membership valid for three months.
  • Refer FIFTEEN Members to Receive a Platinum Premium Membership valid for three months.
  • Refer ONE-TWO Members and Receive VIP Status valid for six months.

There is absolutely no limit on the amount of time you have to meet your referral goals, so you can take a year if you need to. I recommend sending an email to potentially interested friends, family and acquantainances, posting the link to the site (with your USERNAME OR EMAIL) on social media networks, post the link in the URL/Website field when commenting and on profiles on other websites, forum signatures, adding the link to link directories and advertising on forums where allowed to attract the most member registrations. You can advertise anywhere as long as it is allowed and not considered SPAM. Banners, buttons and icons will be available for your advertising use SOON.

The member with the MOST REFERRALS by Midnight EST on December 15, 2017 will receive a very nice custom designed graphic t-shirt. The shirt will contain our logo, site name and URL very SMALL on the t-shirt. There will be designs for both women and men to select from. In order to qualify for this, there MUST be a minimum of TWENTY REFERRALS TOTAL FROM ALL MEMBERS. If we do not reach 20 referrals minimum, a smaller prize will be awarded to the winner with the most referrals. Prize could be a decal, magnet, lanyard, keychain or etc. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker will be held by random drawing to determine the winner. If we can reach FIFTY TOTAL REFERRALS before 12-15-2017, we will give away three prizes to the top three winners. Prizes will depend on the number of total member referrals.

Free $5.00 or More For Posting Content On Site
Any member posting at least 25 different pieces of content to the site, Articles, News, Forum Posts, Photos, Downloads, Shoutbox Posts, Questions & Answers or Recommending IOP's, Vendors or Suppliers on or before November 3, 2017 will receive $5.00. Payment can be made through MANY payment processors, Paypal included or Snail Mail. The content posted MUST BE RELEVANT. If a category does not exist for your content, please PM me and I will GLADLY add it ASAP. For each 25 pieces of content posted, you will receive a $5.00 payment. Content can be mixed and matched and must not be duplicates or copied from another site (speaking of articles and news here). If you post 75 pieces of content, you will receive a payment of $15.00 and if you can manage to reach 100 pieces of content, you will receive an extra CASH BONUS, Profile Graphic and a brand new randomly selected Physical Item.

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· 05-01-2018 01:27
We can now accept donations via Stripe. Scroll down the page and look for the Green Donate Button. You can donate any amount from $1 up. We desperately need donations guys and gals!

· 04-01-2018 23:29
2018 is here and lots of new features and content is coming to Freedom IOP List! Major changes are coming to the site in Jan. & Feb.

· 04-01-2018 07:49
Welcome all new members. Please introduce yourselves!

· 18-10-2017 09:47
The more sites you post our link on and the more people that participate the more visitors we get which means more IOP's and more CUSTOMERS too! It will only take a couple seconds of your time too

· 18-10-2017 09:46
It would be beneficial to ALL SITE MEMBERS if everyone would click a few of those icons under the Share Site Page On heading and post our links on social media/other sites. The red + icon shows more!