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Should we add Vendor Pages for IOP's and Vendors which would give details about them and show their inventory?

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Started: 17.10.17

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Should we add Vendor Pages for IOP's and Vendors which would give details about them and show their inventory?



Freedom IOP List Site Reviewers Information

This page has been put together for those of you who have come here from one of the review sites we are listed on for the purpose of visiting and reviewing our website. This page contains all of the information you need to check over the site, inside the member area and out and submit a fair and accurate review for us. Please do bare in mind when reviewing us, we are a new website and we are still currently working to get the site to where we want it. You may review the site today and tomorrow, the site will have changed a great deal. I ask that everyone that does take the time to review this website, please come back in 30 days or less to review it again because a lot will change in a 30 day period.

In order for you to check out the entire site, even the members area and Premium areas without registering an account if this site isn't something you're interested in, we have set up a Guest Account for our site reviewers to login to that has access to all Premium features so that you can fairly and accuarately write a review for our site. If you have an interest in our site, we recommend creating a FREE account for yourself. You may login to the Guest Site Reviewer account set up just for that purpose with the following information:

Username: Site_Reviewer
Password: SR567-FIP.6348

Username and Password ARE CaSe SeNsItIvE!

We appreciate you taking the time to check the site over thoroughly and providing a fair and honest review. We will also review your site once we see that you have posted a review for our site and we promise to provide fair and accurate reviews as well. We will check your site out, inside and out and test features and functions just like you have done with ours. If you have a members area, please contact us with login information so we can see the entire site and not just the public view.

We welcome you to use all of the site features to try them including our forums, shoutbox, submissions, photos, articles, downloads and everything else. You can even play around with editing the profile as long as you do NOT change the username or the password, you may change everything else to try it out. That's what this account has been created for is testing the site out and we want you to be able to do so fully.

We ask that ALL SITE REVIEWERS please post in our forums for Site Reviewers by clicking here to be taken directly to the forum. Click New Thread and then you can post. Please let us know that you've reviewed our site or will be reviewing our site and what site the review is located on. You may also feel free to post links to your site(s) in these threads as well for our members to check out too, NO REFERRAL LINKS PERMIITED, sorry.

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· 05-01-2018 01:27
We can now accept donations via Stripe. Scroll down the page and look for the Green Donate Button. You can donate any amount from $1 up. We desperately need donations guys and gals!

· 04-01-2018 23:29
2018 is here and lots of new features and content is coming to Freedom IOP List! Major changes are coming to the site in Jan. & Feb.

· 04-01-2018 07:49
Welcome all new members. Please introduce yourselves!

· 18-10-2017 09:47
The more sites you post our link on and the more people that participate the more visitors we get which means more IOP's and more CUSTOMERS too! It will only take a couple seconds of your time too

· 18-10-2017 09:46
It would be beneficial to ALL SITE MEMBERS if everyone would click a few of those icons under the Share Site Page On heading and post our links on social media/other sites. The red + icon shows more!