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Freedom IOP List IOP & Vendor Verfication Information

If you are an IOP, vendor or supplier, whether you sell on a website, via email, messenger, text message or by other means, you've come to the right place. You can get a listing in our forums absolutely free. The listing will be a new thread under the appropriate sub-category under IOP's and will be your thread solely. It will include your contact information, your site link, your site logo and a screenshot of your site if you have one. If you sell via email or otherwise, it will contain your contact information and business name if you go by one and if you have a logo, it can be added too, a screenshot of a nice rich text product list can be posted too.

If you're a vendor, please send a PM to Freedom once you register on the site. We generally do not post sites unless the vendor is a member of our website, although there are exceptions for extremely well known and highly rated vendors and we encourage even those vendors to register to interact with customers on the site. That's the best way to make a sale. In your PM, please include the following information if applicable:
  • Business/Site Name
  • Site URL
  • Link to Logo or use the Image BBCode to add one directly to PM
  • Email Address if Doing Business Over Email
  • Messenger and Username if Doing Business Over Messenger
  • Phone/Text Number if Doing Business Over Phone/Text
  • Other Method of Doing Business if You Do Business Another Way

After you let us know you're a vendor, you will receive an upgrade to the Vendor Level/Rank absolutely FREE and an icon will appear next to your posts and etc. that show you are a Vendor. Under User Groups in your profile, it will also show you're a member of the Vendor user group! We recommend making the most of the site by clicking the Edit Profile link and filling in all profile information and adding the URL to your site there as well. Most people read profiles and many visit the links included. I am working on adding a field so multiple URL's can be added for people with multiple sites along with other things.

Becoming a Verified Vendor
Becoming a Verified Vendor has lots of advantages. First, you'll get added to the Verified Vendors group. Second, you get added to the Verified Vendors forums. And last, members KNOW without a doubt you and your products are LEGIT and they do not have to worry. They know you won't take their money and run or send them fake medications. This leads to more orders and orders with higher order totals also because they know you can be trusted.

There's two ways you can become verified. You can just sit and wait for one of our staff members to order from you if you're listed in our Vendors section. We try to place an order with at least once vendor per month so we can get everyone here verified but until we start generating revenue, we cannot do any verifications this way. It could take months before you can be verified this way. I recommend option two for now.
The second option is to send Freedom (since it's the only member of the staff team) the medication(s) of her choice that you carry to sample FREE OF CHARGE. That means no cost, no shipping fees paid by her, you pay for everything. You must send at least 3 tablets of the medication she selects. Once the medication is received, she will sample the tablets and if everything is legit, you will be notified and moved to the Verified Vendors section immediately. A review will also be left for you in your forum thread. We also recommend that you send more than 3 tablets and you send between 1-5 different medications with two being wonderful and more than that being top notch. This will PROVE it's not just one medication you have that's legit but all of your medications are legit. It's not required to send more than one medication but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you do so and remember, the receiver selects the medications, so please let them know how many you want to send them. Please send a PM to Freedom to request verification. Areas we will review include:
  • Product Quality
  • Shipment Speed
  • Packaging Quality
  • How Long It Took to Process & Ship the Order
  • Customer Service
  • Your Attitude

The faster we receive, the delivery the faster we can move you to verified status and review your business.

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· 29-04-2018 07:06
I added a new IOP to the Share Your Fave IOP Thread in Forums & am adding some new features.

· 21-04-2018 04:38
You can now exchange your points for cash or items, please click Exchange Points under User CP in the Navigation Menu for information.

· 21-04-2018 04:27
Hi tommy! Cool

· 21-04-2018 02:37
hi all Shock

· 18-04-2018 21:58
Some awesome changes are coming to the site very soon!